Don't Forget to Add the Drapes! August 09 2016

Draperies, like most accessories tend to be added at the end of the room design. But they should be added - even if they aren't functional! A room with drapes is so much richer with an extra layer of softness and texture. We carry some really interesting panels that will add such dimension to your windows you'll wonder why you waited so long to get them!

Most of our panels are unlined, letting the light stream in. They come in 7', 8' and 9' lengths. We also offer some lined panels for more light control.

In the stores we show them framing art work (lacking enough windows :), but in your home they can be used in addition to other treatments such as shades or shutters or on their own. Add multiple sets for more coverage.

We love how panels have been used on this 4 poster bed below! How romantic!

Which brings us to tie-backs. Remember our burlap flower in an earlier post? Here it is with a few other clever ideas!

Stop in to see even more drapery styles and visit our Pinterest boards for lots more decorating fun!

-The Harvest Team