What to Display in Your Display Cabinet June 12 2017

At Harvest we always have a variety of glass fronted cabinets on the floors of the stores. They work well for our purposes; showing off new accessories! But really they are a beautiful addition to any space. You may call them curios, vitrines or just glass cupboards, but there is something very charming about glass doors in general and adding the benefit of being able to place them anywhere, gives them a certain surprise. 

We have fallen in love with our newest cabinet, the Madison Display Cabinet. Not only does it have the glass doors surrounded by gorgeous wood, but it's elevated by a metal frame that also gives it an industrial feel. The space below the cabinet is so perfect for extra seating or big baskets or bins.

We have quite a few of these types of cabinets featured on our website HERE and HERE, and many more available to order via catalog. Once you choose which piece will work for your space, it's time to fill it! There are many, many ways to go! The below pics are from our Pinterest Board: Display

• Keep the contents uniform in theme...

• Or mix it up!

• Use your cabinet in the kitchen,

• as extra closet space,

• or in the bath!

• Stuff it full of collectibles or keep it light with just a few special items. 

Wherever and however you use them, these cabinets are sure to make you smile. And our stores are always full of wonderful finds to fill them with. Here are just a few that we carry through the stores! Let us know what kind of display cabinet we can help you find!!


– The Harvest Team