Adding Vintage to the Harvest Mix! June 21 2017

Harvest Furniture has always been known as a great place to find the unexpected! Not only are we always adding fun and new accessories, but we also are lucky enough to have an owner who loves estate sales, flea markets and the Antique Market in Dallas. He is constantly adding vintage accessories to the Harvest mix!!! Like these antique bottles. What a great story here!

These come from a local collector who uncovers them near our own Embarcadero in San Francisco. Scouring construction sites along the bay, he looks only for bottles from the Gold Rush Days (1848 –1855) where ships bringing thousands of miners docked at piers that now make up the streets of the financial district. 

It's interesting to imagine who once used these and if they ever struck it rich! A quick Google search shows us how that part of the bay looked during the Gold Rush. These ships were often abandoned and left to eventually be buried, and then uncovered once again!

Ideas via our Pinterest Page.

Other antique finds include these 19th century copper milk pails from Europe. No two are alike!

Hand carved wooden decoy ducks intact with their original rope and weights. These are fantastic additions to any office or bookshelf.

Old books are always in the stores. We love using these as elevators and special accents to our vignettes.

We also often carry vintage cans and other kitchen items. These are fun decorations for your kitchen shelves, counters or yard.

 Cute idea!

Stop by our stores to see what's in now! You never know what vintage items you're going to find!

– The Harvest Team