The Beauty of Horses September 14 2016

From prehistoric cave paintings, to ancient Greek frescos, to today's photography, horses over the centuries have represented the majestic, the powerful and the romantic. Captured in painting and sculpture, these impressive and beautiful animals are a timeless home decor option.

Lascaux Caves

Ancient Greek Frescos

Elgin Sculptures

Today's works are lovely in their own right and will add timeless beauty to your home.

Our new horse art works are lovely in soft hues.
Above Watercolor Horse I and II. Below Wind Blown Mane Framed Art 

Our horse sculptures also remind us of ancient pieces and are statement accents for bookshelves and console tables.

Above: Cast Iron Horse Sculpture. Below: Large Rust Iron Horse Head

 Stop by today and be inspired by all of our horse pieces as we are! 

– The Harvest Team