Behind the Scenes on a Harvest Photo Shoot January 03 2016

Thinking about how to present our Harvest image on the website is a fun challenge. Our vibe has always been a livable and comfortable rustic style but with a new merchandiser, Zandra, and a change in trends that leans toward the glam, blending the two is perfect for Harvest and it's what she does best!

The stores are always getting in new merchandise! Zandra, Karsten and Nicole shop the furniture markets twice yearly to search out the new trends and find the pieces that are right for Harvest. New art, textiles and accessories allow Zandra to change up the stores' vignettes and keep things fresh. Here she starts with our Oro oil on canvas, a Porter chair and our Calais Trolley.

But this art piece, Abandoned Farm House, is one of her favorites and so it becomes the starting point for the vignette.

Finding the right accessories is a trial and error process. What looks great on the floor of the store doesn't mean it will take a nice photo. The lantern is a fantastic piece but it's covering too much of the artwork.

Zandra switches the side table to the Lucy, lands on the Glam marble table lamp, and keeps styling with accessories to get the right balance for the photo.

She finds just the right accessories and changes the photo's angle for more interest, and we've got the shot.

It's also important to keep in mind how the photo will translate to the home page and work with the other elements on the site. Nice!

Good work Zandra! And we hope you like it too! Keep visiting the site for more updates and behind the scenes with our team. 

–The Harvest Team