8 Ways to Use Our Cool Ladders! January 18 2017

Right now in our stores we have these very cool ladders. We love to use them to display a variety of items but they are also fun and versatile pieces for your home! 

Here are 8 different ways to use them as accent pieces in your spaces.

. Use them as a rustic towel rack for the bath.

2. Hang blankets and throws from the rungs for quick access on chilly evenings.

3. Hang them from the ceiling with romantic candle light.

4. Attach decor items and photos for a unique display.

5. Grow plants for an overhead garden.

6. String lights to create a fun lighting fixture.

7. Use in the kitchen as a pot rack.

8. Or just on it's own!

Visit our Accessorize Pinterest page for more great ideas on how to decorate with ladders!
– The Harvest Team