How to Choose the Right Size Area Rug March 12 2015

What is the right size area rug for my space and furniture? We get this question often and there are some simple do's and don'ts that can help you decide. 

 A common mistake is to buy a rug that is too small for your furniture plan. What you want to accomplish is to unite the furniture group and give it a solid definition of space. The below rug is 6'x9' shown with an 82" sofa. Although the front feet of the sofa are able to rest on the rug, most of the sofa, the end tables and the backs of the chairs are left floating. This will work in a pinch but it's not ideal.

The rug below is 8'x10' which we commonly use at the stores. It's a great size to bring together this grouping of furniture. Most of the sofa and end tables can fit on the rug as well as all of the occasional chairs. This really brings the grouping together. Even though our nesting tables are a little bit off the rug, that's ok, as long as they aren't too tippy.

Something trending now is to layer rugs. This is a great look and can add lots of texture and contrast. The bottom rug is 9'x12'. We like to suggest our Clinton Sisal Rug or one of our jute rugs. Then we've layered a 6'x9' rug on top for softness and color. Hides are also a great layering rug!

Here are some examples from our Pinterest pages of layered rugs and other rug inspiration. 

Some of our new store favorites, just arrived!

If you have questions about the rug size that is right for your space and furniture, stop on by, we're happy to help!

–The Harvest Team