Marrakesh Inspired! A Feast for the Eyes! February 03 2015

Marrakesh, Morocco, a place of saturated color, lively pattern and countless layers of texture is a feast for the eyes! No wonder many who travel there want to bring some of this exotic feel home. From the hand-woven textiles to the hand-painted tiles, Moroccan motifs grace every surface of hotel and home.

Marrakesh Bazaar

The geometrics and floral patterns of this far-off land inspire designers here to find ways to add some of this "spice" to our lives!

This trend has been brewing for a few years now but this year, as shown at the Vegas Market, it has really arrived! Mixed colors and prints were everywhere, but the blues especially captured our attention!

New rugs, throws and pillows will all be arriving soon to our stores and bringing with them, a little bit of Marakesh!

– The Harvest Team