Trending Now! Nature in Design October 03 2014

You see them everywhere - antlers, horns and the animals who carry them. Showcasing nature and the animals of a wild landscape is in, and a good fit for Harvest. Animals used in decor speak to a feeling of home and nostalgia. They might remind us of a camping trip when we were young or stories told by our grandparents. They give our spaces a feeling of lived-in authenticity, as opposed to the stark coolness of very modern design. We are brimming over with art, statues and wall-mounted figures that look great in rustic rooms but will also add a touch of warmth to contemporary spaces as well.
Our versions of the trendy antlers and skulls are made of resin but look like the real thing. They are great grouped together or styled with photos or other wall accessories for a fun, eclectic look.
New for us this season are these terrific giclees based on original watercolors. Stop by one of our stores to check them out in person. They're lovely.
All of these are available for you to take home and try before you purchase, but we're sure you'll love them as much as we do!
– The Harvest Team