Sectionals for Small Spaces June 13 2014

Usually when we think sectional, we think BIG. But not every sectional needs a lot of space. You can still get the look and comfort of a multi-piece sofa without crowding your room. The key to finding the right sectional is to measure your space and then choose a style that offers the most seating area. An important space-saving feature to consider is the arm of the sectional. The wider the arm, the less seating space available for your limited area. Here are some images from our site and from our Houzz Idea Book for inspiration. Keep in mind that all of our sectionals are fully customizable so we can work with you on the perfect size for your room.

A very versatile configuration is the sofa+chaise. The Laura Sectional has a clean-lined style with contemporary arms.

Another small-space style feature to consider when ordering a sectional is the corner piece. We offer a variety of corners including a "round wedge" and a "corner wedge" but these are best used for larger areas. Sticking with the "corner chair" is your best bet for getting maximum seating within a smaller footprint.

The Alex Sectional is contemporary with a very narrow arm. Loveseat+Corner Chair+Loveseat

The Hannah Sectional offers plenty of seating with a nice small rounded arm. Loveseat+Corner Chair+Loveseat

The Paige Sectional is raised off the floor with higher legs providing a light, airy feel perfect for smaller spaces. Loveseat+Corner Chair+Loveseat

More great ideas from Houzz.

Bring your room dimensions into one of our stores and we'll help you find the sectional that's right for your room. 

– The Harvest Team