Trending Now! Upholstered Bed Frames June 06 2014

Once only seen in the best hotels, upholstered headboards are making a huge splash in the residential market. And for good reason; they are beautiful, colorful, they compliment any style decor, and, with Harvest, can be customized. Choose a classic, square-cornered bed frame, a soft and curved frame like the Camelback, or a winged frame like our Humphry bed below.

One of the best reasons to go for an upholstered bed is that you can specify many of its dimensions. The height of the headboard can often be a challenge when you're shopping for a bed frame. If your bed is going against a blank wall then the sky's the limit, so to speak. Like the bed below you can exaggerate the size and add some real drama. But, you can also go low if you're placing your bed below a window, or you are going for a more contemporary look. The below ideas and more have been gathered in an idea book on our Houzz page. Take a look and bring us your ideas!

When choosing the fabric for your headboard, keep it neutral if you'd like to have more fun with your bedding, or pick out a fresh color that will really add some interest. Ready to commit to color? Go crazy with a fun print!

Nail heads are always a classic and look great on both traditional and contemporary styled bed frames. The metal adds some contrast and they outline the frame's shape nicely. Not into nails? How about a contrasting welt to outline the bed instead?

Now, for the million dollar question? What about keeping it clean? Fabric protection is a good idea. Your upholstery is then guaranteed against stains. You could also decide to go with a micro-fiber (very easy to clean) or go with a darker fabric choice, which makes a lovely bed. Don't forget to vacuum occasionally as well.

Take the style of your bedroom up a notch and go for one of our upholstered headboards or bed frames. 
– The Harvest Team