More Interior Design Projects from Harvest Furniture May 22 2014

To wrap up our new Interior Design Portfolio preview, here are two more inspiring client projects. Both really showcase how we can create a variety of styles within our Harvest product line. We pride ourselves on being able to provide for you wonderful design talent and expertise along with a vast resource of furnishings to choose from.

Monte Sereno Home - Could we resist the temptation to use lovely Alma in the photos? Of course not! She was the perfect model. It also gives us the perfect opportunity to show how Harvest furniture is not meant to be too precious for pets. That doesn't mean, however, it can't look beautiful at the same time. 

Ample and comfortable seating were on the wish list for this room. The Arcadia three-piece sectional and the Marquis recliner offer our clients a place to sit back and relax after their busy days. The upholstery on the sectional and the leather are also super easy to maintain. Alma doesn't get up on the furniture but there are little ones that visit often! Other Harvest accessories, including the fireplace screen, end tables, pillows and art, help make the room that much more inviting. Good Girl Alma!


Los Gatos Home - This home belongs to a family who is constantly on the go but who love to entertain. Although it isn't a large room, the furniture arrangement makes it easy to accommodate a nice group of friends. Our Monte Carlo sofa is a large scale piece, but the vaulted ceilings in this room create the illusion of more space, so it works beautifully. The ottoman can be used for extra seating and the great-looking 2-tiered bar cart is ready to serve up a nice glass of wine.

It's always a great idea to add a mirror to visually expand smaller spaces. Smaller pieces of furniture, like the leather ottoman are easy to move as needed and provide additional storage.

No matter your lifestyle, be it casual, elegant, relaxed or on-the-go, (or all of them together for that matter) Harvest Interior Designers can help you find the right look for the way you live! 

Cheers! -The Harvest Team