Thanks to Our Wonderful Clients! May 16 2014

As promised, here are some of the new photos from our "real customers" photo shoot! Thanks so much to all of our client volunteers for sharing your beautiful homes. It has truly been a pleasure working with you!

Los Gatos Home  When we get the chance to help a customer create an entire space it's very exciting, and this great room is actually three spaces in one! 

Because this is one very large room, our clients wanted to define each area as living, dining and reading nook. Tricks of the trade, like using large rugs and art, help your eye naturally group these areas together. We placed an extra large rug in the living room to define that space and layered it with comfy oversized seating. This is the Monte Carlo Grand Sofa and King Chair. You can't see the huge flatscreen on the opposite wall, but it's a great place to kick back and watch TV! Feet on this metal table are ok (even the giant one!)

The dining area is closer to the kitchen and grouped with an Old Lumber extension table and buffet. A large mirror above the buffet helps round out the dining area. The charcoal colored Jones dining chairs add some contrast that also help set the eating area apart. The third vignette is a nice reading corner. Sitting in the Simmons Swivel Chair mom can face the kitchen for conversation or face the backyard to watch the kids. A large scale abstract and floor lamp help define this space. A professionally prepared floor plan by our Harvest designers gave this family three differently used areas under one happy roof.

Los Altos Home  Filling a large room with all new furnishings is quite a treat but most of our clients are looking to add only a few furniture pieces that will freshen up a well-loved space. Working on these types of jobs can be just as satisfying for our designers. It can sometimes be a challenge to meld existing furniture with new Harvest pieces but these rooms always come together in just the right way! 

What was needed here was a replacement for an old sofa and a new coffee table. The homeowner wasn't sure there would be room for a sectional, but after a visit to measure the space, we fortunately found that there was room for our small scale Laura full sofa and chaise. The existing leather chair and rattan chair were able to stay and we created a wonderful grouping for conversation. We added the Square coffee table, a window pane mirror above the chair that can reflect the lovely backyard, bright pillows and some other accessories to bring this room to life! With a few well thought out pieces, the whole room is new again.

Our Interior Designers are always available to answer any of your questions so come on in to see how we can help you freshen up your home.

Coming up next, more rooms to visit and lots more ideas for your own Harvest spaces!

-The Harvest Team