Meet Photographer Eric Roth May 06 2014

Are you liking our new website look? Eric Roth has a lot to do with it! Interiors photography is an art and Eric is one of the best. Based in Boston, Eric comes West now and then to shoot for designers in the area and for us, of course. His composition, technical and lighting expertise show Harvest at it's best. We recently asked him to shoot some of our clients' homes featuring four interior design projects done by our team.


It was a fun-filled two day shoot and our clients were excited to see their spaces captured by this talented professional.

Eric couldn't resist trying out a banjo which we definitely needed to include in the photos showing part of the owner's personality. 

We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes sneak-peek and seeing Eric in action! Check back soon to see all of the photos here, and in our new Designer Portfolio. 

If you haven't heard about our Interior Design services, ask us how we can help you create publish-worthy spaces! 

A very special thank you to Joanie, Trish, Carole and Donna for letting us in to shoot your lovely spaces!

-The Harvest Team