Inspired by Charm - Get the Look! April 22 2014

When a lovely room pops up on Pinterest, and it just grabs your decorating imagination, maybe you wonder how to get it for yourself. This room has all of the colorful and rustic touches that we love at Harvest. Michael at Inspired By Charm is a mix-master. If you've ever tried going for the eclectic look, you know it's not that easy! Spaces like these take time and patience to bring together; they are filled with collections and keepsakes.  

Michael's Room

But, getting the basics pulled together can be easy with a little help. Then, add your own personal touches to make it yours. Using Michael's room for inspiration we've created another beautiful plan with all things Harvest. 

Get the Look with Harvest


Thanks, Michael, for the inspiration! Do you have a picture of a room that inspires you? Bring it in to one of our stores and we'll help you create a space that is all your own.

-The Harvest Team