The Very Versatile Hugo Room Divider February 03 2014

We love our Hugo Room Divider. Anywhere we put it in the store it adds interest, texture, depth and it's functional. Not only can it be used to separate rooms but it's great when you want to define an area like a reading corner or a dining alcove. Its louvers are perfect for hanging everything from kids' artwork to Christmas cards. This screen, and the many others we carry at the store, provides us with a great backdrop for our furnishings.

Here are some great ideas on how you can use them in your home.

Against a wall screens and panels work well as architecturally interesting headboards. Layer them with art to add depth to your space. Make sure, however, that they are attached to the wall.

Don't forget to decorate your front porches and patios as well. Every space could use a Hugo!

Visit us and check out the Hugo and our other screens and panels that can help you create unique and inviting vignettes.

-The Harvest Team