Get More Impact from Your Art May 23 2016

In a recent article posted on the Houzz website, a contributing designer suggested that her interior design clients "select art first if they don't have any so they feel free to buy what they love and not worry about what it goes with. And then we can plan the decor around the art." This is a great idea especially if you are a collector and art is the main focus of the room. But for most, art is one of the last things to be added to a space. Usually our customers will start with a sofa, coffee table and rug, and add accents from there. At that point choosing art not only has to do with content and color, but with size and placement. However, what this designer also mentions is that "your art will always look better and have greater impact in the space when the decor supports the art." Now this strategy works for all!

When you find a piece of art you love, and you have the right place to hang it, then there are some simple tips that can help you pull the look together and make the impact of the art stronger, and the flow of the room more cohesive!

1. Pull colors from your art and repeat them with pillows. Pillows are such an easy way to add interest to your room and when they compliment the art then the entire look becomes more unified. Here we've chosen the yellow from the art to add with pillows to the sofa. 

The silver in these pillows compliment the silver in this oil painting and would look stunning on a pale grey or white sofa for a very contemporary look. 

2. Use art and pillows that share movement. The horizontal lines of these batik printed pillows reflect the brushwork of this piece. They also share the same colors and a beachy vibe.

3. Repeating another element of your art could even mean repeating the line and color of the frame.

4. Throws can also be used to bring out the colors in your art. Here the light blue/green lettering of our Golden Gate art pops more because of the light blue throw.

Our stores are packed with pillows of all colors and textures and many new pieces of fantastic art. Come by and see what you can pull together! Need suggestions? We are always happy to help you choose what's right for your space!

– The Harvest Team

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