The "Go-To" Olive Branch May 08 2016

A recent post in Rue Daily mentioned the rising popularity of olive trees and branches as another way to bring the outdoors in, and that their soft green color and delicate leaves are a nice alternative to the fiddle leaf fig trees. We couldn't agree more! We do love our fiddle leaf fig trees - they fill up corners nicely and add some great color - but for a nice change of pace, and an easy styling solution, olive branches are our go-to.

On our last two photo shoots they came in handy as lantern and hurricane fillers. Our faux branches are easy to bend and look great in glass containers.

When layered on trays or bundled into vases, they make an beautiful table top accent.

Branches placed down the center of a table runner are a sweet and easy centerpiece. Single branches placed in a vase are simply elegant.

For more great design ideas check out Rue Magazine and our Pinterest "Accessorize" page. Then stop by our stores to gather up some olive branches for yourself.

– The Harvest Team