Too Much Coffee! Is There Such a Thing? April 17 2016

With so many great coffee houses right next door to every one of our stores, we don't have to go very far for that pick-me-up. But what if we wanted our own little coffee station, in our own home. Perhaps too dangerous! But tempting!

Any of our great little chests could serve as coffee bar. We can add some hooks and shelves above, some containers for cream and sugar, a basket with napkins, a cute little chalk board, and we're ready to latte!

For something on the more glamorous side....

we could style up one of our marble-topped side tables or consoles with the french press, some vintage tea cups and silver spoons and a vase of fresh flowers!

Ah, well, whether we choose the rustic coffee station or the glam coffee cart, just remember...


– The Harvest Team

All photos and image links via our Pinterest Page - Entertaining with Harvest Style