Dining Room or Office? How About Both! April 10 2016

Too often neglected, the dining room table is now being put to work! And what a great place to set up shop! A large work surface is ideal for spreading out to work on your project or set up your computer and notes. If you've got room nearby for a bookshelf, buffet or vitrine, then cleaning up and making room for dining is a breeze. Here are some fantastic images from Pinterest and some ideas on how to get this workspace for yourself!

Statement overhead lighting (a.k.a. dining room chandeliers) is essential to a well lit workspace. Most dining rooms have one chandelier centered on the table but two is much more fun!

Our Truckee Extension Table can be customized to any size you like. Remove the extensions for a smaller desk, or add them in for more work/dining space.

Bookshelves and bookcases, of any kind, help to keep your office/dining space organized. Keep them close to your table so office essentials are easy to grab. Baskets, boxes and bins are great for hiding the not-so-attractive stapler. Use these on shelves below the table height so they aren't as visible to your guests. Style the upper shelves with stacked books and personal objects to keep the look more decorative.

We carry a large variety of cabinets and open shelving perfect for office and dining room alike.

Vieux Quartier Bookcase, Omni Two Door CurioVincent Vitrine, Cape Large Bookcase

Our Summit Dining Table is also made-to-order and customizable for a nice large work area.

Now you see a dining room....

Now you see an office!

Even the smallest of spaces can have two uses. This small, low bookcase could just as easily hold baskets and files.

One of our favorite versatile pieces! Kingston Sideboard

Plenty of room for work and entertaining!

Visit our Pinterest page for image links and many more ideas on working and dining spaces!

– The Harvest Team